The maserati of the Wind Canada:
Hercules Windmill Generator by ENESSERE Italy

ENESSERE Hercules Windmill Generator Canada is a vertical axis wind turbine which generates clean electricity through an inexhaustible and non-programmable source like the wind.

The Wind Generator is a vertical axis wind turbine that converts kinetic wind power into clean electricity.
In its manufacturing is being utilized materials such Titanium, wood, carbon fiber and marine grade stainless steel: a design that is the combined result of wind engineers and created with the skillful hands of expert craftsmen, optimum height of a least 7 meters and is suitable for the average electricity consumption of a family household.

With the highest market security standard technology and virtually no noise, ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator is positioned as a virtual no competitors in the world market of Windmill turbine generators due to its exclusive design and high installed power generation of 5 kW, the highest efficiency due to its shape enables it to take advantage of gusts of wind coming from any direction and to operate virtually silent.


“The beauty of the wooden wings is the most visible expression of their aerodynamic performance.” ENESSERE Team.

The wooden wings are the result of extensive structural studies and decades of artisan skill of experience in wood technology. The Canadian cedar wood has an aerodynamic function due to the structural strength given by the inner carbon fiber rods and Ergal (aluminium alloy 7075) substrates used in the attachment points with the titanium spokes.
The ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator wooden wings weigh a fraction over seven kilograms over a length of more than three meters, a payoff that puts them on a par with more traditional blades made of composite materials, but from an aesthetic point of view there is no comparison.


“The beauty of the metal structure is the most visible expression of its solidity.” ENESSERE Team.

The metal structure was designed with the help of structural simulations, stress tests and vibration tests, in conjunction with considerable field experience of our team of metal craftsmen, who have been engaged in industrial and interior design for over forty years.
The choice of premium metals such as titanium for the spokes, the Ergal and the surgical steel for the construction of the mast, provide ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator with an unparalleled degree of safety and structural robustness.


“The beauty of the electronic component is the clear expression of the achieved technological level.” ENESSERE Team.

Autoelettric having many years of experience in the automotive electronics sector and the crucial contribution of wind power engineering specialists have created the heart of ENESSERE Hercules, the electronic component. This knowledge and advantage of using reliable and high quality components, normally used for the production of industrial specification products, was incorporated by our electronic engineers.
The specially designed controller offers an electronic intelligence to the ENESSERE Hercules Wind Generator to fully exploit the gusts of wind and increase performance. The electromechanical component was determined by a careful choice of the generator, the heart of the product, to find the right balance between an adequate production of electricity and the size of the alternator rotor.

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