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Product Description

MiniPak is the new fuel-cell system to get power always within reach!

Pocket-side fuel cell system with USB outlet to charge little electronic devices. Ideal for cellphones, MP3/MP4, gaming devices, GPS, cameras, little LCD, little light system.

MiniPak is perfect for situations in  which there’s no possibility to connect with electricity network and there’s an immediate need of energy. MiniPak produces safe and clean energy, thanks to its micro fuel cell.

MiniPak uses pure Hydrogen, which is stored as part of the metal alloy in hydrostik, a metal hydride storage unit, designed by Horizon just for MiniPak.

The box contains:

– MiniPak

– 2 hydrosik cartridges

– a multi choice cable and tip adaptors for: Nokia n70, Sony Ericsson, MOTO V3 Series, MICRO USB, LG Chocolate, iPhone/iPod


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