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The energetic re-evolution has started.

5 seconds are enough: connect, start-up, zero emission.

GreenHub PRO turn-key fuel-cell genset series by H2planet is everything you have been always looking for to get independent.

GreenHub PRO is a complete plug&play power supply solution for professional use and TLC

GreenHub PRO replaces the common gensets (electrical power generators) allowing indoor use and power production with only pure water and heat by-products, feeds the loads with the most diffused grid voltages in the world (lamps, computers, working tools, etc.) and/or AC/DC customized voltages.

It can be also used as reliable UPS with the accessory GreenCap (UPS online version)

Main applications: industrial back-up, remote stations, TLC, WiFi radio stations, cabins and remote off-grid places, etc.

GreenHub PRO products series allow to use hydrogen to generate electricity suitable for the use of common electrical devices with no emission except pure distilled water as a byproduct. Furthermore, the different versions allow to use these generators as UPS online / offline and to remotely monitor their operation parameters.

GreenHub PRO can get the classic grid supply AC 230V (110V) at 50Hz(60Hz) and / or DC direct current values compatible with various devicesor according to customizable needs.

GreenHub PRO models have AC outlets (Standard 230VAC @ 50Hz) and/or DC sockets between 45and 56V and 13V DC. They also feature USB output port that allows to supply and / or charge the most common devices that use this interface.
5 different GreenHub PRO power models available: 500 – 1000 – 2000 – 3000 – 5000
3 versions available STD, UPS ON-LINE, UPS OFF-LINE and different output versions in case AC or DC or both AC+ DC full power rates need to be delivered
6 different GreenHub PRO add-on options available (to be ordered at time of purchase):
GreenCap: ultracapacitors accessory cabinet for ONLINE UPS mode (UPS Model) monitoring software interface for smartphones (PRO if combined with iGreen)
iGreen: via browser monitoring web-interface (supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and other; PRO if combined with iHub)
Out4Green: GreenHub’s adaptation to external environments
GreenAir: air duct use the discharged hot air to condition small rooms
H2Swap: telematic system for the automated control of the supply of hydrogen cylinders




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