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Beecroft Technology is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Hydrogen Technology devices of Upstream to Downstream including Fuel Cells Stacks (PEM) and Metallic Hydride Canister in all capacities, also, our company provides renewable products such: Energy Storage, Cogeneration, Windmill Turbine & PV Solar Energy Sources. Offering the capability to deliver at any Alternative Energy Project phase, from the early stages such the site selection up to the feasibility studies, design and right through to the project management and the construction phase, operations and maintenance are also included.
The multi-disciplinary consultants have extensive sustainable energy experience in both, grid-connected / off-grid and green engineering.


Beecroft Technology Green Engineering offers competence and strategic advice to Developers, Investors, Universities, Technique Institutions and cleantech firms. In addition, our company can work with you as Consultant, Co-Developer or as Joint Ventures partner.

Beecroft Technology’s concepts are driven by market requirements and regulatory compliance while reducing liability and costs. We can also help move projects beyond compliance to environmental excellence, by adding a sustainability focus to our services and taking a hard look at best practices and technical protocols to determine which need to be adopted. The philosophy is to maximise benefits for mankind and the local / regional ecology in every project.

The Vision

The vision of Beecroft Technology reflects the initiative to create innovative energy projects promoting the development of alternative energy sources like Wind, Solar, Hydrogen and green building materials, promoting also a new economy based on hydrogen, through the implementation of clear rules towards the build of a modern and more equitable society respectful of environmental sustainability; it is the mission and Its ultimate goal is to ensure the welfare of present and future generations through a sustainable development of our Planet, contribute to the so-called Society Energy Transformation.

Beecroft Technology is committed and passionate about sharing its expertise and insight into design and construction and is advocates for this natural movement sharing its knowledge for a better world, increasing our conscious of responsibility towards our only home, the planet earth. The Beecroft Technology team includes designers, engineers, planners and artisans who are united by their belief in the need to create a better green world that supports humankind development through immersive clean and natural experiences.

Products Distribution Licencing

Over the years Beecroft Technology has forged great and exclusive licencing distribution partnership including products and technology

Clean Energy Technology

Enessere Italy – Windmill Generator

Hydro2 Power Italy – Hydrogen Technology
Provider of PEM Fuel-Cell systems and Stacks, H2 Electrolizer and H2 Storage canister technology.

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“Aims to generate awareness of climate change as our responsibility
for the future generations among communities & institutions
to catalyze an energetic paradigm shift to a new social Transformation”

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